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Rockpool School

  • Ran by locally qualified Marine Biologists
  • Hands on rockpool animal fun and learning experience
  • Services include workshops, birthday parties and school visits
  • Rockpool School was establish in March 2017 after seeing the pure joy and excitement on children’s faces who live so close to the coast but never manage to experience rockpool animals first hand. We have inspired many children to further their learning on this topic with some even going on to attend Marine Biology Summer schools
  • We have a 5* rating from both schools and satisfied parents: very likely to recommend these session, very satisfied and would use the service again, children 100% benefit from the workshops, very pleasant staff and appropriate speak for the children’s age, brilliantly interactive and hands on, great variety of activities with good value for money
  • I have always been interested in our seas and everything within and regard myself extremely lucky to be in the process of completing my PhD in marine science. I am very honoured to have been able to to carry out cetacean research, offshore wind farm research and possible impacts on surrounding marine life. I have also had the absolute honour of being able to work with and train both seals and sea lions. 
  • I am therefore very passionate to be able to share what I have learnt in a fun and educational manner. And consider myself to have my dream job
  • Sessions that we provide are tailored to individuals needs and  workshop type, and include a variety of rockpool animals which may include crabs, starfish, brittle stars, urchins, sea snails, hermit crabs and anemones. The individuals not only gain a hands in learning experience, they also learn amazing facts about these animals. 
  • We can tailor each workshop to each occasion, which may also include crafts, making of marine slime, crab lining, decorating treasure chests with sea glass and shells and many more. 

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